Sustainability Webinar: A Greener Future for Commercial Real Estate

Reduce Your Energy Bills, Improve Green Credentials and Receive Financing
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“The Covid-19 pandemic has decimated our high streets and changing our shopping habits. These are likely to be long-term changes sustained into the future. The retail sector must adapt to a new way of working, and sustainability is a key piece of the puzzle.”

Eleni Polychroniadou, Commercial Director, Sintali.

Eleni Polychroniadou Co-Founder & Commercial Director at Sintali

On this webinar you will learn how to:-

  1. Identify improvement opportunities within your existing building stock
  2. Reduce your operational costs
  3. Strengthen your commitment to sustainability
  4. Access funding for long term investments

Time: Wednesday 7th April 2pm GMT
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Green buildings create healthier spaces for people, use less resources and save more money. Edge certification is an easy and affordable way to certify your buildings green giving way to a sustainable future.

Filipe Azevedo, Sustainability Engineer, Lawler Sustainability

Filipe Azevedo Sustainability Engineer


Eleni Polychroniadou

Co-Founder & Commercial Director at Sintali

Filipe Azevedo

Edge Expert & Sustainability Engineer


Join Lawler Sustainability and Sintali for this free webinar and find out how you can cut your energy costs in half and integrate green buildings into your corporate strategy.

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Time: Wednesday 7th April 2pm GMT

Sustainability Team


Daniel Ring

Managing Director


Jonathan Culleton

Operations Director


Jason Smith

Technical Director


Philip Goode

Associate Director & Project Engineer

Lawler Sustainability

Shane Doyle

Sustainability Engineer

Filipe Azevedo BSc Mechanical Engineering | MSc Renewable Energy Sustainability Engineer

Filipe Azevedo

Sustainability Engineer


Laura McMahon

Senior Sustainability Engineer

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