Horizon 2020 Research Project

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). It promises breakthroughs and discoveries by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.

Seen as a method of driving economic growth and creating jobs, Horizon 2020 has the political backing of Europe’s leaders and the Members of the European Parliament as a European Commission initiative. Through completion of this research and encouraging innovation, Horizon 2020 has put emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges. The goal is to ensure Europe produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for the public and private sectors to work together in delivering innovative projects and research.

Lawler Sustainability is the leading partner in Ireland for the Horizon 2020 “NOVICE” project which is conducting research into Energy Services. As a functioning ESCo (Energy Services Company), Lawler Sustainability together with other ESCOs in Europe, are carrying out in depth research into the current state of the ESCo market.

The aim of this project is to develop mechanisms to bundle energy efficiency opportunities within buildings with electricity demand opportunities external to the building. The intent being to generate a dual revenue stream reducing paybacks and thereby accelerating the market uptake of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) model. The results of this research will help the EU in its attempts to tackle the issue of energy efficiency in buildings on a larger scale.

Our future energy solutions are undergoing a significant phase of redevelopment. This research should tell us what this will mean at a normal, community and individual building level. As widespread renewable energy production increases, storage of this energy will become more significant and our research in this area is helping ensure our clients systems and buildings are future proofed

Sustainability Team


Daniel Ring

Managing Director


Jonathan Culleton

Operations Director


Jason Smith

Technical Director


Philip Goode

Associate Director & Project Engineer

Lawler Sustainability

Shane Doyle

Sustainability Engineer

Filipe Azevedo BSc Mechanical Engineering | MSc Renewable Energy Sustainability Engineer

Filipe Azevedo

Sustainability Engineer


Laura McMahon

Senior Sustainability Engineer

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