Energy Webinar: Transforming Energy Costs and Savings for Your Leisure Facility

Saving energy is high on everyone's agenda if we are meet net zero carbon by 2050. Energy performance contracting is a great way to finance your costly leisure facility upgrades and this webinar explains how.
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Energy savings in action

In a recent upgrade LeisureWorld Bishopstown, one of the top 3 energy users within the Cork City Council catchment area, is now on target to realise energy savings of 50% per year at an annual value of over €100,000.

The objective of this project was to enhance the quality of the environment that is presented to customers while lowering the high energy cost associated with achieving the conditioned environment.

Reducing carbon emissions is a high priority for LeisureWorld and this project will play a key role in achieving their target of being carbon neutral by 2030.

We all have a part to play in achieving the government’s national objective of being carbon neutral by 2050 and with our sector being high energy consumers it’s important we look at ways to accelerate our progress. Access to funding will be a key driver in order to upgrade heating plant, improve energy efficiency and reduce our sectors carbon emissions.

Karl Dunne, Ireland Active


On this webinar you will learn how to:-

  1. Reduce energy costs, reduce operating & maintenance costs and reduce CO2 – a triple win for your leisure centre!
  2. Achieve these reductions in energy costs, running costs and carbon without using any cash (self-financing)
  3. Organise third party financing requirements to fund large leisure centre upgrades who will guarantee the savings
  4. Ensure energy savings are met through a state of the art monitoring & verification (M&V) system

Energy performance contracting or EPC is essentially a form of ‘clever financing’ for capital improvement which allows funding energy upgrades from cost reductions. It’s just a no brainer if you can offload the risk to a third party who guarantee the energy savings and do not take any payment until the project delivers the energy savings.

What others are saying about Energy Performance Contracting

After the implementation of an Energy Performance Contract for 3 of our leisure centres, the ESCO (Energy Service Company) continues to drive energy performance through the service element of the contract, delivering on & surpassing promised energy savings.
Cormac Healy. Energy Management Lead at Dublin City Council 

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