Abbey Creative Quarter – Sustainability Strategy

Early engagement and comprehensive CSR strategy for the redevelopment of 20.4 acre site turns Council owned brownfield site to a green site.

Abbey Creative Quarter – Sustainability Strategy

The importance of early planning and design for the brownfield site redevelopment in Kilkenny centre are crucial to the developments longevity and sustainability. Lawler Sustainability in collaboration with the local authority and energy agency, developed the energy strategy for the 20.4 acre site. Following identifying and laying out energy efficiency guideline criteria of Near Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs), Lawler Sustainability designed a preliminary layout for an energy centre and corresponding district heating network for the site. A carbon roadmap was developed which would eventually turn this brownfield site to a green site.

The Abbey Creative Quarter development comprises of the old Smithwick’s brewery in Kilkenny, known as The Brewhouse which will be turned into office space and the Mayfair Building will be converted into a modern public library.

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