Brown Thomas LED Lighting Upgrade

Brown Thomas LED Lighting Upgrade

With the attitude to change comes great energy saving opportunities.

Brown Thomas were among the first to venture into large scale carbon reduction programmes in Ireland and with Lawler Sustainability’s help, have identified €1 million worth of energy savings across all 9 Irish stores. The biggest reductions were seen in their flagship Grafton Street store where Lawler Sustainability just completed a substantial LED lighting upgrade. 8,500 lights were upgraded over a one-year period which subsequently reduced their carbon footprint by 256 tonnes and reduced kWhs by 480,000. This upgrade is predicted to reduce Brown Thomas’ lighting energy costs to just one quarter of what it currently is – giving a short 2.5 year payback period for what is a huge project.

Up to this point, the building had been using 1,805,840 kWh per year. This Brown Thomas store opens 7 days per week, 52 days a year with the only exception being Christmas day. The expected kWh for the coming year since the LED Upgrade has been completed is 445,318 kWh – just one quarter of what had been used the year before! Brown Thomas have already taken numerous steps to energy conservation and Corporate Social Responsibility. Undertaking this LED initiative has already reduced their carbon footprint by 256 tonnes and reduced their energy bills by over €100,000.

For many consumers, to see such goodwill and responsibility towards our environment is a key factor in their buying choices. Many consumers carry the level of guilt that businesses themselves don’t when operating environmentally harmful businesses. It is through positive and forward-thinking businesses like Brown Thomas that Ireland will meet their 2020 Carbon Reduction targets.

Lawler Sustainability are providing services like this one to businesses all over Ireland and the U.K. Working closely with household names such as Lidl, Easons, Dunnes Stores and Musgraves, we can help your business dramatically reduce both your energy bills and carbon footprint and therefore create sustainable buildings!

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