Data Centre Energy Audit and M&E Assessment for Virgin Media

At one of its data centres, Virgin Media was encountering an ongoing and high energy cost of running the facility. After performing an energy audit and M&E assessment, Lawler Sustainability identified up to a 40% reduction in energy consumption.

Dublin, Ireland
Data Centre Energy Audit and M&E Assessment - Virgin Media

As part of our contract for Virgin Media at its Dublin-based data centre, we performed a data centre energy audit and M&E assessment to address ongoing, high energy costs of running the facility. Lawler Sustainability’s engineers were able to identify the significant energy users (SEU) on the site and calculate existing and new power usage effectiveness (PUE) for the site.

From a detailed energy audit and consumption analysis of onsite equipment (CRAC units, server racks etc.) and matching their energy usage to weather patterns, Lawler Sustainability identified the following areas for energy savings:


Data Centre Energy Audit and M&E Assessment for Virgin Media

  • Free Cooling – Optimising the % of free cooling and mixed-mode for the CRAC units.
  • Thermal Graphic Camera – Rack heat profiles and rack optimisation
  • Air-Flow Management – Flow and return air heat patterns in the server area, and how to best optimise these for maximising air-flow efficiency to and from CRAC units.
  • Resilience – Assessed the design of the CRAC unit layout to highlight areas of poor resilience.
  • Resilience – Identified cooling issues with the UPS and potential for system failures.
  • Solar PV Installation and Calculation
  • Up to a 40% reduction in energy consumption was identified in the energy audit.
  • Costs and paybacks were calculated for each of the 14 energy conservation measures identified.

Lawler Sustainability will be engaging with Virgin Media to look at other potential sites for energy reduction opportunities.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our Data Centre Energy Audit and M&E Assessment for Virgin Media.

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