EPA Data Centre

Wexford, Ireland

EPA Data Centre

Data centres are large consumers of power with their constant cooling requirements. They account for a quarter of IT-related carbon emissions and 1% of the world’s energy usage. Lawler Sustainability can design evaporative cooling systems for data centres, UPS rooms, IT rooms and server rooms. Using evaporative cooling can reduce your costs by up to 90% over a standard cooling regime giving potential pay backs of under a year and creating massive carbon savings. Other benefits of this system include a ‘refrigerant free’ solution and a carbon footprint 10% of conventional air conditioning.

With large amounts of heat available from data centres it is possible, by using this heat, to reduce your energy costs in other areas of your building. For example the waste heat can be used to provide preheated water for your domestic hot water installation thereby reducing the cost of providing your hot water needs.

For the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) we acted as Mechanical and Electrical Consultants for the new extension to an existing building. The heat recovered from cooling the data centre within EPAs headquarters in Wexford is supplying preheated water for the domestic hot water in the building. This is significantly reducing their hot water production costs while also maintaining appropriate cooling levels in the data centre. This is cutting costs for EPA on heating water and air conditioning in the data centre itself.

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