Lidl, Macroom – BREEAM Certification

Continual improvemnts to the Lidl store in Macroom to achieve a BREEAM certification of ‘good’.

Macroom, Ireland

Lidl, Macroom – BREEAM Certification

Lidl contacted Lawler Sustainability requesting an evaluation of their construction specification manual to determine how compliant their building was to meet BREEAM certification. Through this, our team could identify areas where the building can be improved upon to achieve BREEAM credits and therefore a higher certification level. The result of this work would not only benefit the store but create a framework to assess the viability of BREEAM for each new project moving forward.
We helped Lidl to highlight the key issues impacting the sustainability rating.

This has included solutions to key issues such as transportation links, land use, and habitat. Practices assessed in terms of materials used, construction methodology, waste management, and energy performance. This project is ongoing and is expected to receive a certification of ‘good’ on the BREEAM benchmark rating scale.

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