Lidl Stores – Building Performance Optimisation

As Lidl Ireland’s sustainability engineers we have conducted a range of services for them including Building Energy Ratings, Part L compliance and a Glint and Glare Analysis to ensure Lidle meet their energy requirements.

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Lidl Stores

Lawler Sustainability are Lidl Ireland’s sustainability engineering advisors. Recently Lawler Sustainability advised on the capital and operational cost optimal approach for Part L and NZEB compliance by considering all engineering solutions. By adopting our recommendations Lidl have further improved the efficiency of their buildings throughout Ireland. One such example is the 100kWp PV arrays that are getting installed in new stores.

Lawler Sustainability are responsible for Building Energy Rating (BER) certification of their new and existing buildings. Lawler Sustainability also carried out virtually simulation for the PV installation of Lidl Stores that are located in potencially high vechicle volume areas to determine if there are glare and glint issues to the pedestrians and drivers in the roads around the stores.

The simulations are carried out taking view points at pedestrian level and seated drivers overlooking towards the location of the PV array on the roof. These calculation are part of the Planning applications for the PV installation and are required by the council of every city. The approval for the installation relies on the results of this calculation.

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