SEAI EXEED Energy Saving at LeisureWorld

LeisureWorld benefited immensely from the SEAI EXEED Certification Programme – saving 50% in energy costs overall. We helped them achieve this through pool plant optimisation, heat recovery, LED pitch lighting upgrades and BMS upgrading.

Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland

LeisureWorld, Bishopstown is operated by LW Management and has grown to become the biggest health, fitness and leisure facility in Cork City. It also falls within the Top 3 energy users within the Cork City Council catchment area. Working with Lawler Sustainability to avail of and SEAI EXEED grant, our client expects to realise energy savings of an estimated 50% per year at an annual value of over €100,000


Lawler Sustainability’s objectives for this project was to enhance the quality of the environment that is presented to customers while lowering the high energy cost associated with achieving the conditioned environment.

Creating and maintaining the right conditions required for leisure activities requires a significant amount of energy being used behind the scenes. To ensure the best quality environment for customers, it is vital to control the parameters in terms of air and water quality.


Through our SEAI EXEED process, Lawler Sustainability brought the LW Management on the worthwhile journey of challenging and analysing existing energy usage patterns, developing a project plan to tackle all areas of high energy costs which also had high added value potential. Our full project undertakings are listed below:


Pool Plant Optimisation

A full upgrade of the pool filtration and controls system was undertaken. The resulting energy cost reduction will be €20,000 per year. This is compounded by reductions in wastewater charges and resourcing the daily routines (which are now automated). The estimated savings here are €45k per year.


Heat Recovery

The high temperatures maintained in a swimming pool environment mean that extracted air (which has been heated) is dumped in standard ventilation systems. Lawler Sustainability specified and installed a heat recovery system to dramatically reduce this energy loss.

A new heat recovery system was installed to recover extracted heat from the 25m (main) and 18m swimming pools and air handling units. The existing fans were upgraded to EC fans with built-in speed control, providing the ability to match fan power usage with demand on-site. The upgrade outcome will save the client an estimated €80,000 per annum on heating and electrical energy costs, also ensuring longevity and reliability of the system.

♦ For perspective, the energy savings from this unit would power 10 double-decker buses. ♦


LED Pitch Lighting Upgrade

Advanced lighting technology presents the opportunity to produce the same amount of light with approximately 50% of the energy use. 

On the Astro Turf pitches at LeisureWorld Bishopstown, Lawler Sustainability modelled several different lighting designs to achieve the required lighting requirement with only 60% of the energy use.

The number of lights was increased for a better average illuminance (which did not affect the energy savings being realised). Additional time clock and photocell controls were also installed to prevent unnecessary usages.

BMS Upgrade

The BMS provides an essential function as the top layer of controlling all the energy-intensive equipment on-site.

Implementing a system with the ability to communicate with the various upgrades is important. To achieve this, a Tridium interface was installed to manage the time schedules and alerts from the various systems in one platform, allowing easier user access and functionality. This upgrade will achieve better control of the systems and improve the response time of the management team to any issues which develop on-site.

Turnkey SEAI EXCEED package

Lawler Sustainability provided this turnkey package from concept design to implementation and will provide verification of savings to the client to achieve the EXEED Energy Saving Design Certification.

This fast-track project was brought in on time and within budget, despite the difficulties that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. The teamwork demonstrated between LW Management and Lawler Sustainability provided the basis for a successful project.

It is expected that LeisureWorld Bishopstown will make overall 50% energy cost savings annually as a direct result of this Lawler Sustainability SEAI EXEED project.


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