Retail Lighting Upgrade and Energy Savings in Kilkenny, Ireland

This retail energy saving project involving a full LED lighting system upgrade resulted in annual energy savings of c. €20,000

Kilkenny, Ireland

In Oct/Nov 2019, Lawler Sustainability undertook a 24 month ‘Service Agreement’ with Meubles (Ireland) Ltd. for the O’Keeffes Group flagship store in Kilkenny. As part of this service agreement, Lawler Sustainability upgraded the LED lighting and Emergency Lighting throughout the 5,000m2 furniture store and café.


9 Month energy savings 2019 vs 2020kWhAs part of this service agreement, Lawler Sustainability undertook an initial lighting survey, lighting redesign, an energy and financial assessment, LED lighting procurement, SEAI 30% grant funding, LED install of approx. 1,082 fittings, project management, financial package, snagging and after service (Energy Data Analysis).

The agreement, a.k.a ‘Lighting as a Service’, was for a monthly payment of €2,961.21 per month for a period of 24 months. The predicted savings for the store were 155,897 kWh/annum (€26,135.32/annum) at full lighting operation and an actual saving of 99,803 kWh/annum (€16,726.91) as the existing lighting was not fully operational, where approx. 223 fittings were not functional. This gave a notional saving estimate of approx. 12,991 kWh/month (€2,178/month) on energy consumption if the existing lighting was fully operational and an actual monthly bills reduction of 8,316 kWh/month (€1,394/month). The average unit cost (AUC) was €0.1676/kWh.

As a result of the LED upgrade, the store has increased the lighting levels, creating a much better consumer experience and management have been left with the ability to customize their lighting through the adaptable track fittings. The feedback from the store management, staff and customers has been very positive.


Energy Data

Following 9 months of full post-install energy data for 2020, Lawler Sustainability can compare the years 2019 vs 2020. For the 9 months of actual data, the store has had a reduction of 147,640 kWh (€24,744). However, this includes the Covid-19 pandemic which forced the closure of the store for the months of April, May and partly June 2020, which resulted in skewed data for the analysis, these months were therefore omitted as a result.

However, 6 months of data can be used to compare like with like. With this, the monthly average saving is 9,801 kWh/month (€1,642/month), which is higher than the predicted actual energy savings at 8,316 kWh/month (€1,394/month). The accompanying chart shows the monthly comparison for energy consumption 2019 vs 2020.


Winter Months

By removing the large quantity of fluorescent lighting, and replacing it with LED lighting, there was also the removal of approx. 29 kW of energy from the building, as a result, the electric A/C heating in the winter months likely had to overcompensate for this loss and as a result, the 2020 electric energy profile for the heating season (November to February) looks very similar to 2019. Management can save energy by reducing the temperature (oC) setpoints for A/C heating. It should be noted that the store will also be cooler in the summer months as a result of this 29 kW being removed.


Daily Energy Consumption Analysis

Two months with full normal operation (July & August 2020) can be used to make a comparison between the day to day energy reduction as a direct result of the LED upgrade, these months are used as there is no A/C being utilized. July 2020 had an average of 35.68% reduction in energy consumption and August 2020 an average of 26.21% reduction. The accompanying chart shows 31 days of July 2019 (Blue) vs July 2020 (Orange).



The LED upgrade has brought a financial benefit to the store in reducing the monthly bills by a 6 month* average of €1,642/month. The value that the LED upgrade brings to the building is worth a lot more with the increased lighting levels resulting in a better shopping environment with product highlighting, adaptable lighting fixtures, and better working conditions. The lighting will also reduce maintenance and carbon emissions and will increase shop floor sales.


Now that you’ve read about Meuble, Kilkenny’s Retail Lighting Upgrade and Energy Savings, view more of our Retail Portfolio here, or learn about the EXEED Certified Grant Scheme, allowing your business to make long term energy savings.

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