Saplings School – Overheating Analysis

Overheating analysis conducted to ensure optimum design for good natural ventilation to make all rooms comfortable for all its occupants in this special needs school in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

Mullingar, Ireland

Saplings School – Overheating Analysis

Schools Overheating calculations are very important especially on those rooms orientated in the East, South and West or Highly occupied. Lawler Sustainability always make sure that the minimum hours of overheating are not exceeded. Designing together with the architect ensures the glazing area of the rooms meets requirements, maximum opening is allowed within safety restrictions and also the fabric plays an important role. The gsolar transmittance properties of the glass will help to reduce the solar gains in the rooms, and Lawler Sustainability suggested a lower g-value in the most affected orientations and a good natural ventilation to make all rooms confortable for all its occupants.

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