BEC (Better Energy Communities)

Better Energy Communities (BEC)

Better Energy is Ireland’s national retrofit initiative aimed at upgrading building stock and facilities to high standards of energy efficiency and renewable energy usage, thereby reducing fossil fuel usage, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Our team, at Lawler Sustainability, have years of experience in applying for and obtaining funding through this SEAI grant scheme.

The BEC programme supports new approaches to achieving high quality improvements in energy efficiency within Irish communities. By bringing together groups of buildings under the same retrofit programme, BEC projects facilitate community-wide energy improvements more efficiently and cost effectively than might otherwise be possible. The programme focuses on improving the energy efficiency of Ireland’s building stock and supporting the use of renewable energy through:

  • Delivering a cost-effective approach to boosting the energy efficiency of low income houses in mixed ownership estates
  • Demonstrating sustainable financing mechanisms to fund retrofits and harness project savings
  • Creating innovative partnership approaches that facilitate community access to existing local resources, thereby boosting and sustaining the impact of BEC support
  • Stimulating employment through sustainable energy upgrading projects
  • Supporting small scale renewable energy projects
  • Domestic Deep retrofit upgrade

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