EXEED Certified Grant Scheme 2021

The Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED) is a certified programme by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) which provides a framework to help organisations to design, construct and commission processes for new builds and upgrades to existing assets following the new best practices in energy efficient design management.

EXEED Certified Programme

We do a lot of work helping our clients improve their energy performance as well as their wider company sustainability agenda. The aim of the EXEED programme is to optimise energy performance and management at the earliest stages of a projects lifecycle in order to help clients improve their energy efficiency and reduce their costs.

The EXEED certification comes in three levels:-

  1. EXEED Designed
  2. EXEED Verified
  3. EXEED Managed

In order to implement the EXEED standard and embed the above energy efficiency measures into a project you will need a certified Energy Efficiency Design (EED) Expert – which Lawler Sustainability are.

EXEED Grant Scheme

As part of the certification grant funding is now available up to the value of €1,000,000 per year per project and gives clients, that already have a well-defined strategy in terms of their energy performance goals, an extra cash injection to help them push it over the line. To date we have been very successful in securing funding for a number of our clients including Brown Thomas and SuperValu for example.

EXEED Eligibility

Successful applicants of the grant scheme must follow the EXEED standard and embed energy efficiency measures in the design of their projects, outlined below:-

  • Greenfield design, brownfield design, major upgrade to existing asset or major renovation of existing assets;
  • A physical boundary that encompasses the EXEED standard;
  • An energy balance that includes all energy sources, energy use, energy demand and energy services.

The EXEED Certified Grant Scheme will open to new applications from Monday 11 January 2021 – funding available on a first come, first served basis.


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