Shading Analysis

One of the most crucial phases of the design or analysis of a Building Performance Optimisation (BPO) project is the shading analysis.

Often conducted during the design of a solar energy system, in particular, a shading analysis analyses the level of shadowing brought on by or inflicted on surrounding objects and vegetation.

A Path to Compliance 

Councils may request further information to support planning applications for projects that have possible impacts on the rear gardens and internal daylight of neighbouring properties, this is known as the right to daylight.

Our work has helped developers and architects to identify these issues with the analysis of the annual probable sunlight hours in accordance with planning regulations.

  • Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: A Guide to Good Practice (BRE 1991)
  • Lighting for Building Part 2 1992: Code of Practice for Daylighting B.S. 8206.

This analysis can be carried out prior to the design stage to avoid issues at the planning stage.


Shading Analysis Assessments

Lawler Sustainability has undertaken assessments of the building fabric, engineering systems, and renewable technologies for numerous dwellings.

The intention of these assessments is to provide a path to compliance while also going beyond compliance to determine the viability of passive and active assessments to help our clients to save money without compromise.

Shading Analysis
A Shading Analysis Helps to Ensure Compliance and Protects the Right to Daylight
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Lawler Sustainability provides a range of comprehensive energy services for residential developments to ensure a quick development turnaround at the pre-planning stage including Part L / NZEB Compliance, Daylight and Sunlight Analysis, and Shading Analysis.

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