Energy Performance Contracting

This project involves the engineering upgrade of 3 leisure centres owned and operated by Dublin City Council. The clients brief at competition stage was to take an existing outline upgrade proposal and develop it into a fully developed commercial proposal incorporating a funded solution and management of the upgraded engineering systems as a turnkey project.
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€1.5 Million Savings Over 8 Years

The EPC for Dublin City Council had to commit to guaranteeing a minimum payment (shared saving model) and carry financial penalty if not securing the savings.


We are on Track

The energy performance contract for the 3 leisure centres: Ballymun, Finglas & Markievicz are on track to save €1.5 Million and 42% reduction in energy over 8 years starting in 2016.

Operational Energy and Carbon Emissions

To achieve the intended performance firstly our procurement process was heavily weighted on quality and minimising operational disruption which ultimately led to lower total cost through lower maintenance / repair. The commissioning was very focused on achieving the energy outcome predicted in the investment grade audit. In terms of securing ongoing building performance we achieve this by monitoring our systems and careful returning as necessary during the monitoring stages.

Energy Facilities Management

An independent review was issued by Dublin City Council’s technical representative, CODEMA, Dublin’s Energy Agency who carried out a mid-term review of the FM cost reduction. The differential between 2013- 2015 Maintenance Costs and 2017 & 2018 costs demonstrate the significant benefit of this model.

EPC Energy Savings

Health and Wellbeing

Improved comfort & control were an inherent part of this project. One of the positive impacts of the project was using the energy efficiency revenue streams to spend more time improving customer service and helping to fund additional leisure center needs.

In terms of the indoor environment the LED upgrade of these centres provided a substantially improved environment. Additionally, the equipment and controls upgrade created greatly improved environments in the pool, changing areas and fitness suites thus protecting a much-valued community asset.

Leisure Centre

Cormac Healy | Energy Lead at Dublin City Council

To date Lawler Sustainability completed their works to the highest standards in a professional and competent manner and continue to drive energy performance through the service element of the contract, delivering on promised energy savings. In addition the reduced hours our centre managers spend in plant rooms has significantly reduced meaning they can spending more time with customers.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Improve Your Bottom Line

Innovative Business Solution: Energy Performance Contracting

This innovative project structure encourages building performance to be offered as a business proposition to the market.

This provides a mechanism to promote a ‘green economy‘ and a risk free way for clients to carry out energy upgrade works, meet their carbon targets and simultaneously improve their asset value and competitiveness.

EPC Review: Ballymun, Finglas & Markievicz Leisure Centres

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Report prepared by Codema Dublin’s Energy Authority on behalf of Dublin City Council