SEAI Advisory Service Panel Success

Lawler Sustainability are delighted to have featured in 3 of SEAI’s advisory service panels to Public Bodies. Energy Management, Project Evaluation Specialists, Project Delivery Experts

SEAI Advisory Service Panel Success

After a lengthy submission process, Lawler Sustainability are delighted to be featured on three of SEAI’s advisory service panels. These panels are the SEAIs framework of energy professionals to see the public bodies and SEAI members achieve their 2020 targets (See below). The overwhelming reason for this success was because Lawler Sustainabilitys had ‘one of the most economically advantageous tenders in terms of the published award criteria’.

Our position on these panels means Lawler Sustainability can now be called on as an advisory service to Public Bodies through SEAI’s Public Sector Programme to help public bodies achieve their 33% energy efficiency commitment by 2020 and to support SEAI in the development and implementation of their programmes. This contract spans for three years to 2020 and will range across a variety o government departments including the development of schools and healthcare facilities.

Below you can read the description of the ‘Lots’ in which Lawler Sustainability were successful:

  1. Energy Management (EM) Specialists: Will undertake several diverse roles, including supporting Public Bodies to develop, continually improve and implement their energy management programmes. They will also facilitate the delivery of SEAI’s wider suite of services to Public Bodies and provide specialist advanced expertise in specific defined energy management fields to Public Bodies.
  2. Project Evaluation Specialists: Will identify, quantify and analyse opportunities for energy saving projects within Public Bodies, with an emphasis on projects that go beyond behavioural change and low-hanging fruit. As this is a primary service of Lawler Sustainabilitys, we were very pleased with this result.
  3. Project Delivery Experts: Will mentor Public Bodies directly on the delivery of energy projects by assisting them through formal project development processes.

The Government progress to 2016 and 2020 target can be found below in the chart from the ‘Annual Report 2016 on Public Sector Energy Efficiency Performance’

Our wealth of in-house experience, understanding and value driven work has returned a fantastic opportunity to Lawler Sustainability. Keeping staff up to date with training and health & safety measures is something we strive to do at both Lawler Sustainabilitys and our sister company NLCE.

If you are seeking Building Services Engineers, Energy Contractors, Energy Auditors, Building Energy Certificates or Insurance Surverys/Reports, Lawler Sustainability can help. Call our Kilkenny office on 056-7721115 to talk to one of our Energy Experts or email [email protected]

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