Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is an effective way to de-risk any investment in energy-efficiency upgrades as the reductions in energy usage and CO2 emissions are guaranteed.

For the likes of hotels and leisure centres, an EPC provides the perfect solution for achieving significant long-term energy savings as well as major reductions in operation and maintenance costs.

We deliver Guaranteed Energy Savings within a building and in turn, these savings help to cover the cost of carrying out the works.

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Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting is a model that delivers energy efficiency upgrades with guaranteed energy reduction targets.


A Mutually Beneficial Agreement 

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) are mutually beneficial agreements between Lawler Sustainability and the client, whereby we make a number of energy upgrades to the building’s mechanics and electrics, and split the energy savings between the two for a set period. After this contract time, any energy savings made belong completely to the client.

Based on the simple business case of energy savings funding capital investment, this model delivers energy and maintenance efficiencies, while offering a performance guarantee and sharing of savings achieved. It also allows building owners and operators to concentrate on running their businesses knowing that a performance-based contract is optimising their energy and maintenance expenditure.

Hotels, in particular, can benefit greatly from engaging in an EPC.

Stages Involved in an EPC

There are many stages involved in an EPC. First, we obtain an understanding of your building energy bills and metering data. This allows us to identify and report on potential opportunities.

Next, we complete a review of the building systems, identify opportunities for technology upgrades and renewable integrations, and agree on project scope and finance modelling.

Our team oversees the entire project, leaving our clients the time to focus on core operations. Lastly, we provide continued advice on new technologies and opportunities and offer expert measurement and verification.


              Stages of EPC

EPC Deliverables

Lawler Group has forty-year history in optimum design for energy efficiency and is a market leader with unparalleled expertise. We have a significant number of reference sites currently operating under EPCs.


EPCs Across Multiple Sites

When performing EPCs across multiple sites, energy efficiency measures typically include:

  • Combined heat and power
  • Boilers and heat pumps
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Building Management Systems
Example of the costs and benefits


Energy Performance Contracting


Total Investment

Energy Cost Savings

Maintenance Cost Savings

Total Client Savings

Reduction in CO2 Emissions





639 tonnes/year

Excludes grants received and ESCO cost. The net of which continues to significantly improve the payback period and return on investment

Get in touch to discover the savings our team can help you to achieve with an Energy Performance Contract.

Other Sample Projects

All of our projects have had excellent payback periods and returns on investment.

They have also all involved designing and delivering the optimum solution,  and continuously measuring, verifying, and monitoring energy performance, costs, and CO2 emissions.

Check out the results below from some of our other EPC projects.



Our Work

In 2017, Lawler Sustainability was honoured at the European Energy Awards in Berlin, for our positive work in relation to energy efficiency and sustainability. Our work with Dublin City Council (DCC) and Codema Energy Agency in developing an Energy Performance Contract at three Dublin City Council leisure facilities, Finglas, Markievicz, and Ballymun was acknowledged here.

Download the brochure about our Energy Performance Contract with Codema and Dublin City Council here. 

Since then, Lawler Sustainability has gone on to perform Energy Performance Contract works across the country.

Here are some examples:

  • Ballyfermot Leisure Centre
  • St. Catherine’s Sport and Community Centre
  • Ballybough Sport and Community Centre
  • Cabra Sport and Community Centre
  • Loughinstown Leisure Centre
  • Monkstown Leisure Centre
  • The Savoy Hotel Limerick
  • Leisureworld Bishoptown
  • Bluebell Sport and Community Centre
  • K Club, Kildare
  • Kelly’s Hotel & Resort Rosslare


Read on to learn more about our work in EPC and with the Dublin City Council.


Ballymun Leisure Centre, One of the Leisure Facilities Upgraded as Part of Lawler Sustainability's EPC with Dublin City Council
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Lawler Sustainability are recognised for Award Winning Expertise in the Hotels & Leisure sector and have worked with the leading organisations across Ireland and abroad, drastically improving the sustainability and energy efficiency levels.

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Our Experience

Dublin City Council

In February 2015, Dublin City Council and Codema issued a public tender notice which revolutionised the way that energy conservation works are carried out and energy savings are achieved in local authority buildings in Ireland.

The tender to carry out energy upgrades to Ballymun, Finglas, and Markievicz sports and fitness centres formed Ireland’s first-ever Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for a local authority.

An EPC is a contract that is awarded to an Energy Service Company (ESCo) to deliver guaranteed energy savings within a building and in turn, these savings help to cover the cost of carrying out the works.

Lawler Sustainability was awarded all contracts under a highly competitive Government procurement process.

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Dublin City Council

Long established as a successful model in countries such as Germany and Austria, the EPC model finally gained notoriety in Ireland when Lawler Sustainability was awarded Ireland’s first ever Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for a local authority.

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Continuing to Drive Energy Performance

Cormac Healy, Dublin City Council

I confirm that Lawler Sustainability completed the implementation of an Energy Performance Contract for 3 Leisure Centres for Dublin City Council satisfactorily. They completed their works to the highest standards in a professional and competent manner and continue to drive energy performance through the service element of the contract, delivering on promised energy savings. An added value of the EPC is the reduced hours our centre managers now need to spend in plant rooms and entering into the procurement process with several M&E contractors. Having a professional (ESCO) at the end of the phone, who we know has a vested interest in the building’s performance and operation has saved our managers valuable time. This allows them to concentrate on their own core remit: spending more time with customers. In addition, both staff and customers have all commented on the increased levels of comfort since the upgrades.


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