Lawler Vision

Lawler Vision is a digitised tool that will assist businesses and organisations to reduce carbon emissions and energy and maintenance costs.

The biggest challenge businesses will face in the 21st century is the path to decarbonisation, while maintaining or growing their own business.

Decarbonisation Pain Points

Companies are coming under increasing pressure to transition now due to rising energy prices. We have established some of the main pain points for businesses when it comes to decarbonisation.

  • Lack of information on the effectiveness of existing infrastructure for minimising energy usage, cost and CO2 emissions
  • Lack of control over building systems
  • Disparate building systems and non-centralised information
  • No independent measurement of carbon footprint
  • Need for independently certified accreditation
  • Data collected is not being analysed for informed decision making
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Vision In Action

Monitoring, Verifying, Measuring

A suite of connected tools, exclusive to Lawler Sustainability allows users to easily monitor energy costs, CO2 emissions, and air quality, helping to reduce costs while improving the building environment.

Remote Control of Devices

The IoT (Internet of Things) enabled dashboards in Lawler Vision allow facilities managers to adjust thermostats, lighting, shades, and more from a centralised dashboard, improving productivity and reducing operating overhead.

Reporting and Alerting

The automated reports the Vision platform provides allow users to quickly identify areas for streamlining operating costs and make adjustments instantly. Advanced anomaly detection identifies problems, allowing quick and efficient resolution and return to optimum operating conditions.

Billing and Tariff Optimiser

The Vision dashboard centralises energy billing, making it simple to analyse trends in energy consumption, tariffs, and costs. Facility managers can then adjust IoT-enabled controllers from the dashboard to implement smart energy savings instantly across any the entire building.

Centralised Document and Bill Repository

Lawler Vision dramatically improves operational efficiency in clerical and accounting functions by providing a single, centralised source of truth for bills and other important documents. It eliminates the need to request emailed copies or locate access credentials for disparate online platforms.

Open Architecture

Built with scalability in mind, the Vision platform contains a Rest API, allowing Lawler Sustainability to quickly onboard new services using the industry standard protocols for secure data sharing.

Vision & Stakeholders

How does Lawler Vision address the needs of stakeholders?


Chief Executive Officer

  • The CEO gains complete visibility and control of their business’s energy usage, receiving regular, automated M&V and sustainability reports.
  • Using the data supplied by Lawler Vision, the CEO can review options for reducing energy usage, cost, and CO2 emissions.


Chief Financial Officer

  • For the CFO, Lawler Vision offers complete transparency.
  • The platform can be used to track and verify cost savings, as well as to generate a comprehensive investment analysis.
  • Comparison tools and continuous data collection help the CFO to de-risk investments and identify avenues for avoiding future carbon taxes.


Facilities Engineer

  • Lawler Vision will automatically notify the Facilities Engineer of any equipment issues, and provide regular, detailed system assessments.



  • By identifying opportunities for improving the likes of indoor health status, Lawler Vision contributes to creating a healthier indoor environment for your customers.
  • Map out the customer experience with visualisation and control interfaces for building occupants.



  • Not only will your employees also benefit from a healthier indoor environment, but Lawler Vision also provides independent verification of your company’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Employees will take great pride in knowing their company contributes positively to the environment.
Vision & Stakeholders

Vision Joining the Dots

Lawler Vision facilitates the transition from a myriad of different systems in the market that do not communicate with each other to a unique and centralised source of information for all things energy, sustainability and net zero journey.

  1. Distributed Energy Resources
  2. Energy Monitoring
  3. Occupant Controls
  4. Water Metering
  5. Building Management Systems
  6. CSR Reporting Software
Lawler Vision facilitates communication and collaboration between all of your building systems.

Vision Clients to Date

Here are just some of the major businesses and institutions to have signed up for the Lawler Vision platform.

  • AIB
  • Intel
  • Permanent TSB
  • Steripack
  • Maxol
  • Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa
  • Fingal County Council
  • The K Club
  • Coral Leisure
  • Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel
  • DLR Country Council
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Internet of Things

Vision – IoT Use Cases

Our new Lawler Vision platform has a number of groundbreaking Internet of Things use cases such as Vicki TRV heating control systems, metering systems, and automatic switching technology.


Lawler Vision IoT Example: Metering

By partnering with M Climate, we are able to incorporate the Lawler Vision platform with Vicki TRV heating control systems.

Features such as a remote app, wall controller, automatic temperature control algorithm, and detailed analytics, serve to enhance the overall efficiency of these systems.

Watch our Demo

Watch our demo video for the new Vision Platform


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