Lidl Ireland – Building Performance Optimisation

As the sustainability engineers for Lidl Ireland,  we have conducted a range of services for the retailer including Building Energy Ratings, Part L Compliance, and a Glint and Glare Analysis to ensure Lidl meets its energy requirements.

BREEAM Rating of ‘Good’
Reduced Energy Costs

Part L / NZEB Compliance

As Lidl Ireland’s sustainability engineers, we help the supermarket giant to meet its strict energy targets.

We recently provided counsel on the capital and operational cost of Lidl pursuing Part L / NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) compliance. We identified the cost-optimal approach for achieving this by carrying out comprehensive analyses and considering all engineering solutions.

By adopting our recommendations, such as installing 100kWP Solar PV arrays, Lidl has further improved the efficiency of their buildings throughout Ireland.


Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessment

Lawler Sustainability is responsible for Building Energy Rating (BER) certification of Lidl Ireland’s new and existing buildings.

Our team has also carried out a virtual simulation for the Solar PV installation at Lidl Ireland stores that are located in potentially high vehicle volume areas to determine if there are glint and glare issues to the pedestrians and drivers that use the surrounding roads and footpaths.

These simulations and their results constitute part of the planning application for Solar PV installation and are required by the council of every city.

BREEAM Certification

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction, and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building’s environmental performance.

We have previously worked with Lidl Ireland to evaluate the construction specification manual at stores such as Lidl, Macroom and determine the building’s level of compliance in relation to BREEAM certification.

Having completed these evaluations, our team can then identify areas where the building can be improved upon and contribute to achieving a higher BREEAM certification level.

In fact, our work bringing Lidl, Macroom up to a BREEAM rating of ‘Good’ has provided us with a framework for assessing the viability of BREEAM for each new project moving forward.

Lidl contacted Lawler Sustainability requesting an evaluation of their construction specification manual to determine how compliant their building was to meet BREEAM certification. Through this, our team could identify areas where the building can be improved upon to achieve BREEAM credits and therefore a higher certification level. The result of this work would not only benefit the store but create a framework to assess the viability of BREEAM for each new project moving forward.

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