SI 426 Compliance

SI 426 Compliance forms part of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) which by law requires large organisations to complete energy audits every four years.

Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

The main prerogative of SI 426 Compliance and the EED is to ensure that large, energy-intensive organisations are at least making the minimum efforts required to improve energy efficiency.

This means meeting the minimum criteria for energy audits, outlined by the SEAI, every four years.

The Energy Efficiency Directive is Mandated by the SEAI

Minimum Criteria 

The minimum criteria for energy audits are outlined in full in this document.

In summary:

  1. Energy audits shall be based on four high-level principles – outlined in Section 4.1
  2. Energy audits shall allow detailed and validated calculations for the proposed measures to provide clear information on potential savings – outlined in Section 4.2
  3. The data used in energy audits shall be storable for historical analysis and tracking performance – outlined in

At Lawler Sustainability, we can work with your organisation to process these audits, highlighting opportunities to improve efficiency, and recommending measures that will not only ensure compliance but increase your company’s energy efficiency dramatically.

Lawler Sustainability Will Provide Consultation on How to Ensure and Exceed SI 426 Compliance
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At Lawler Sustainability, we are vastly experienced in maximising the energy efficiency of retail stores and have sustainability solutions to match the needs of all brands, both big and small.
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Hotels and Leisure

Lawler Sustainability are recognised for Award Winning Expertise in the Hotels & Leisure sector and have worked with the leading organisations across Ireland and abroad, drastically improving the sustainability and energy efficiency levels.

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Lawler Sustainability provides comprehensive energy services for residential developments.

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The upgrading of an old building or conservation can be difficult in terms of striking the right balance between original and modern. At Lawler Sustainability, we provide expert energy advice
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With most of our commercial sector work taking place in office environments, it is a major focus of Lawler Sustainability to reduce energy consumption and create more productive and healthier
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At Lawler Sustainability, we have an excellent track record in the education sector and intimate knowledge of how to optimise building performance and make our schools and colleges more sustainable.
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At Lawler Sustainability, we have vast industry experience, helping organisations to improve profitability, reduce emissions and meet CSR climate goals.
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Public Sector

Lawler Sustainability has an array of experience in working with government departments to deliver Public Sector Retrofit Pathfinder projects.
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Our Experience

Brown Thomas Department Store

Large companies such as Brown Thomas are mandated to complete SI 426 compliance every four years,

Read about how we helped Brown Thomas develop a beyond compliant sustainability strategy in which they have committed to a carbon roadmap to save up to circa 3,000 tonnes of CO2.

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Brown Thomas Department Store

Lawler Sustainability worked closely with the Brown Thomas Sustainability Team in analysing the building’s energy load before developing a carbon roadmap outlining how Brown Thomas can save up to circa 3,000 Tonnes of CO2.

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