The increasing demand for sustainability, in relation to products and processes, is leading to rapid changes in policies, laws, and regulations around the world, to encourage more sustainable projects. Are you an organisation whose sustainability credentials need to be improved?

Consideration to sustainability principles in the building industry is vital for the natural environment and human beings. Here at Lawler Sustainability, our sustainability experts have the experience and skillset to transform your organisation to become a more sustainable, energy-efficient, healthier and happier place for staff and customers, all the while increasing your annual energy savings and reducing carbon emissions.

Green Building Certification

The increasing demand for sustainability, in relation to products and processes, is leading to rapid changes in policies, laws, and regulations around the world, to encourage more sustainable projects.

A number of rating systems therefore exist to assess the environmental impacts of buildings, constructions, infrastructure, urban-scale project, and community projects.

The green building certifications or rating systems are designed to assist projects to be more sustainable by providing frameworks with a set of criteria that cover several aspects of a project’s environmental impact and include:

  1. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)
  2. Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
  3. Edge (Excellence in design for greater efficiencies)

Which green building certification you should go for should be assessed on a project by project basis by one of our in-house experts.

We also have wellness credentials that look at a building in terms of its impact on its occupants. For more information please see the section below, WELL Building Certification


WELL Building Certification

Consideration for sustainability principles in the building industry is vital for natural environment and human beings. The design of a building also has a big impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants.

Therefore we don’t just look at the design with a low carbon and energy efficient approach, we also look at the environmental and health factors of the building e.g. fresh supply of air and daylight.

There are also a range of wellness building standards that deliver an occupant centric solution which have gained significant momentum during COVID-19 which include:

  1. WELL Building Standard
  2. Fitwel
  3. RESET

CSR and Sustainability Roadmaps

Our engineers can develop a sustainability strategy to improve your company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. This will help to define goals that align with your company ethos.

To refine the overall strategy further we can develop the GHG emissions associated with the companies activities and begin the carbon mapping process. The resulting project identifies a clear road map for reducing carbon emissions and improving the sustainability of the company. Lawler Sustainability have helped countless business with their CSR initiatives and have even devised Carbon Roadmaps for these businesses to follow, in order to achieve their goals. We have devised Carbon Roadmaps for clients such as Croke Park and Brown Thomas. For many of our clients, it is important to translate the energy opportunities into a planned roadmap with internal capital budgets or external finance set aside and to provide certainty in delivering energy and environmental milestones within the business.

Brown Thomas 2

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In recent years, corporate social responsibility (or CSR) has become more than just a marketing buzzword – it is about social accountability, to an organisation itself, to all of its stakeholders and indeed to the public.

Rather than a tactic, CSR is a strategy that is constantly evolving. Our dedicated CSR team can identify CSR opportunities and areas for improvement that will create long-term reputational and ethical profitability as a result, along with developing an effective communications strategy to relevant publics to your organisation.

Abbey Creative Quarter

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is increasingly coming to the fore for many businesses due to its emphasis on growth and profitability through positive, long-term practices.

It involves itself with creating long-term value for your business’ stakeholders without negatively impacting the community, the planet or the economy. Our sustainability team can help your organisation to produce corporate sustainability and carbon roadmaps under three pillars:

  • Environmental Pillar: Reducing your organisation’s environmental impact and carbon footprint through actionable endeavours.
  • Social Pillar: Commitment to taking good care of stakeholders, employees and the community throughout all business practices.
  • Economic Pillar: Being able to implement sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices while remaining profitable in the long run.

Staff Awareness Programmes

To complement our range of energy initiatives we offer staff awareness and energy education.

Pictured you will see our very own Energy Engineer, Shane Bradley, helping a group of employees to change their energy habits. Behavioural change is the most important feature of many of our energy reductions programmes. These programmes can reduce your energy bills by up to 20% with minimal investment. They focus on making staff aware of energy usage and help them identify savings in the workplace. We implement a simple 4 point plan required for an effective staff awareness programme. ·

  1. Plan – Plan the energy awareness campaign
  2. Do – Carry out the campaign
  3. Check – Check to see the results
  4. Act – Take actions based on the results to reduce energy further.

This is a continuous cycle which will drive down energy usage within a business and save money. To make a staff awareness programme successful management need to fully embrace it’s potential. A small group or single member of staff is given the responsibility of implementing the program and reporting back the savings. Lawler Sustainability can guide you through the process and set up customised staff awareness programmes to suit your individual needs. Remember saving energy saves you money!

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